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Are you worried about bailiffs seizing your possessions?

Have you received a letter from ‘enforcement agents’ stating their intention to visit your home to remove goods?

Are they chasing you for Council Tax, parking tickets or Benefit Overpayments?

Don't panic, no matter how desperate things feel – there is a way to stop enforcement action.

Keep reading to find out how you can stop bailiffs gaining access to your property.

We'll show you how to even prevent their visits altogether (including writing off your debts).

Bailiffs help

What Is A Bailiff?

Bailiffs are officially called enforcement agents, but most of us still tend to refer to them as bailiffs.

A bailiff is somebody who has been given special powers by the courts, with the aim of collecting unpaid debts.

They will usually visit your home or business premises and if you don’t pay immediately, they’ll try to remove household and business items and car.

They’ll then look to sell these items at auction to use towards the money owed.

All bailiffs are regulated by the Ministry Of Justice

Bailiffs specialise in the collection of Council tax debt, penalty charge notices and court fines.

They also collect unpaid toll fees, ccj's and business rates, they operate nationwide.

Who Do Bailiffs Work For?

A bailiff can either be a court official or work for one of several bailiff companies.

There are several different types of bailiffs:

  • county court bailiffs and family court bailiffs
  • certificated enforcement agents
  • civil enforcement officers
  • high court bailiffs or enforcement officers

Each of these work slightly differently and have different rights and powers.

Not all bailiffs visits are to collect money or remove goods, they may be serving documents or a court summons.

Will a bailiff come into my house?

Unless you pay the debt in full when they write to you should expect bailiffs to come to your house.

The good news is that for most debts they can not force entry to your property.

If you have received a ‘notice of enforcement’ letter, or 'removal notice, we suggest that you contact IVA Guide for immediate bailiff help – we can stop them visiting your property.

But if you take no action, yes, you should expect bailiffs to come to your house to remove goods.

Bailiffs can visit your property between 8am and 9 pm Monday to Saturday.

They are not allowed to visit your home on Bank Holidays

Bailiffs Help

The largest bailiff/enforcement companies in the UK are Marston Holdings, Bristow and Sutor, Jacobs bailiffs, and Rundles Bailiffs

Below is a list of some of the bailiffs that we help people with everyday, just click on a name to bring up full details:


If you want to stop Bailiffs, call our FREE Bailiff Helpline on 0800 368 8286 (freephone, including all mobiles) or click the button, fill in our quick form and we'll call you back and deal with the bailiff for you.

  • Last updated 02 January 2023

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