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How Much Does An IVA Cost?

This section covers what an IVA costs.

Do you have to pay to set up an IVA?

How and when do you have to pay?

What do the fees cover?

what does an IVA cost?

How Much Is An IVA?

You do have to pay for an IVA to be set up.

This is because an IVA can only be set up by a professional lawyer or accountant, known as an Insolvency Practitioner (IP).

The Insolvency Practitioner who sets up and runs your IVA needs to be paid for their services.


Some companies ask for upfront fees to be paid but usually these are paid out of your monthly repayments.

Baker Adams Advisory will never ask for upfront fees before proposing your IVA to your creditors.

Here at Baker Adams Advisory we will only charge fees when your IVA is approved by your creditors and our fees are only taken from your monthly payments or asset realisations paid into your arrangement.

This means we only start to charge fees when we have got you a successful outcome.

So what are the IVA fees?

The IVA cost should come out of your monthly IVA payments.

So if you are paying £100 a month for 60 months, the TOTAL COST of the IVA to you is £6000.

The costs of setting up and running the IVA should come out of this £6000, not be added on to it.

There are three main costs involved when setting up an IVA, but these costs should be covered by your monthly IVA payments.

Nominee fee

The nominee fee is the cost for all the work in writing your proposal and getting it agreed by the creditors.

The actual fee largely depends on which insolvency practitioner you use and who your creditors are, but it will usually around £1,000.

We do not charge for our advice and we do not charge upfront fees as we believe this to be unethical. So you will never receive a bill from us.

Only if your IVA is accepted will we receive any payments for fees. If your IVA is not accepted then you pay nothing.

Supervisory fee

The Supervisory fee is there to cover the ongoing costs of running the IVA. It is usually set at 15% of payments into the IVA.

This fee is usually charged to the IVA once the nominee’s fee has been paid.

Your Supervisor is usually the insolvency practitioner who arranged your IVA.

They will answer any questions or worries you may have throughout your IVA, and deal with payments to your creditors.

They will also conduct reviews to make sure your income and expenditure is correct and that you can still afford your monthly payments.

The Supervisory fee is generally based on a percentage of any money paid into the arrangement and ranges from 15 – 23% of the payments made. In some cases a flat fee may be charged.


Disbursements are payments made to third parties involved in your IVA. They include insurance to protect any money paid to your IVA, system maintenance fees, and a registration fee to register your IVA with the Insolvency Service.

Your fees will be confirmed when your IVA proposal has been drafted. The fees are also subject to approval by your creditors.

Remember, the fees above will not be charged on top of the payments you make each month.

They are deducted from the monthly payments before the IP pays the balance of those payments to your creditors.

IVA, do you qualify?

Our specialists can quickly advise whether you qualify for an IVA. Simply call the team FREE on 0800 368 8133.
Alternatively take the online IVA test and check if you qualify.

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